Monsters Coming to Saint Louis Science Center

There are some interesting things popping up around town that appear to be part of a new exhibition opening at the Saint Louis Science Center in a few weeks.  According the the Saint Louis Science Center web site the exhibition opens May 3rd and features animatronic monsters – many from popular movies.

The Art & Technology of Animatronics
For the first time outside Australia, movie fans are able to meet their favorite creatures face to fangs at the U.S. debut of MONSTERS! The Art & Technology of Animatronics, which runs May 3 – September 1, in the Science Center’s EXPLORADOME. Created by Academy Award-winning animatronics expert John Cox and his team from the John Cox Creature Workshop in Queensland, Australia, the MONSTERS!exhibition provides a behind-the-scenes look at visual effects techniques and movie animatronics. Visitors can:

  • See Selkie the sea lion and other creatures from Nim’s Island, in theaters now
  • Maneuver the crocodile tail from Peter Pan
  • Check out Inspector Gadget’s gadgets
  • See the gorillas from George of the Jungle 2

Hot on the heals of Body Worlds 3, it looks like the Science Center has another “must see” event this summer. 

Even more interesting is there is a seperate web site being developed for the Monsters exhibition (  Sources in the Science Center say the web site will allow you to design and print out a picture of your own monster.  Very cool.


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